Pokémon go spoofing- Spoofing the GPS in Pokémon go 2020

The challenges of getting rewards and points are exciting at first. However, over time it is exhausting being the only one left behind. A lot of players are oblivious to the fact that spoofing exists, and so when they eventually find out that a lot of other players spoof, it is a little shocking. It gets worse when you find out that there are groups dedicated to creating spoofing methods. It brings the question;

What is Pokémon Go Spoofing?

Spoofing is when you tweak your device location to another. It requires the use of third party apps in convincing the GPS tracker that your device is in an area completely different from where it is. Perhaps the most exciting thing about spoofing is that it doesn’t stop at just tweaking the location. It goes on to give you access to choose wherever you want the new place to be.

pokemon go spoofer

What is the need for spoofing Pokémon Go?

There are various reasons why players choose to spoof. Some will argue that it is a way to level the playing field. Ordinarily, players located in megacities have higher chances of getting Pokémon than players who live in suburban areas. It is because there are more gyms and stops in the cities. 

You can play for gyms that aren’t in your location and determine when you can get Pokémon’s. Most times, you have a 100% IV Pokémon like a Dragonite running around in a different area while yours is empty. Spoofing gives you a chance to get those Pokémon in cities more prominent than yours.

After picking them up, you can proceed to leave them in a gym, break it and build whenever you want. You get to travel anywhere at any time. Spoofing creates an advantage for you in the game.

How to Spoof in Pokémon Go?

Since we’ve established why spoofing in Pokémon is necessary, let’s dive into how you can make it work.

The primary essentials you’d need to spoof are the GPS spoofing application, a VPN, and your mock location. With these three combinations, you can be able to mask your GPS location properly. There are a lot of considerable areas you can select. We, however, suggest New York because of its dense population and how common Pokémon is there.

Now, there are several steps to take before activating your new GPS. The type of device you use when playing the game determines the next line of action to take. So due to the possible differences in steps to take, we will be looking at spoofing using the two common types of devices; iOS and Android.

Pokémon Go spoofing on Android:

Spoofing on Android, unlike other devices, is easy.

Go to Settings> About device and then hit the “Build number” seven times to activate the ‘developer mode.’

Once that is sorted out, you’ll have a new icon, “Developer Options.” Tap on it and tick the ‘Select Mock Location App.’ On some devices, it may appear as ‘Allow Mock Locations.’

Because the developers of Pokémon Go realized that mock locations are a method for spoofing, you’d need to install an APK module that’ll prevent your mock location from being visible. This add-on is called ‘Mock Mock Locations.’

After this, we can then move to the VPN. There are a lot of VPN currently on play store. However, we’d recommend using either Express VPN or IPVanish. VPN is vital in spoofing because your IP address has to be in sync with your GPS location. So what happens is, it masks your online traffic and reroutes it through a server in the new address you’ve chosen.

So, once you set up your VPN, select a server close to where you want to search for Pokémon. Open the spoofing application, choose your new location, turn on your VPN, and you’re ready for the new Pokémon Go.

Pokemon go spoofingon android

Pokémon Go Spoofing for iOS:

Unlike spoofing for Android, spoofing using iOS is much more difficult. The first step here is to jailbreak your device. After which you can search for Cydia’s ‘Protect My Privacy.’ Once you install this application, click on ‘Location’ and tap ‘Protect.’ There, you can then drag the pin to wherever you want your new location to be. Proceed to connect to your VPN and then load your Pokémon Go.

What happens if I can’t access Pokemon Go in my region?

We realize that there are certain countries that Pokemon isn’t open to yet. If you are in any of these countries and you can’t play, here’s how to get it in a US version of your App store.

Accessing Pokemon Go for Android:

  • With your VPN, choose a server of your choice in the US and connect to it.
  • On your phone settings, click on application, then Play Store, then Storage.
  • Select ‘CLEAR DATA’ and the Confirm
  • Go back to Google Play and accept the new terms of service
  • Proceed to search for Pokemon and enjoy the game

Accessing Pokemon Go for iOS:

  • With  your VPN, select a US server of your choice and connect to it
  • On the phone settings, click on iTunes and App store
  • Click on the View Apple ID
  • Select Country/Region then Change Country/region
  • When changing region choose the United States
  • If asked for an address, pick a nearby school, café or hotel
  • Put in your payment method as an iTunes code or better still tap ‘None.’
  • Go back to the app store and get your Pokemon


In summary, we hope we’ve been able to help you access those new areas through spoofing. Although they might be helpful in the long run, we advise that you be wary of Niantic since they are out for spoofers. Many measures are in place to fish out spoofers and there’s still a possibility of getting a ban or a strike. However, following the steps above, judiciously, will help prevent third-party software detection, which furthers reduces your chance of getting restricted.

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